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When Oman began to modernize in the 1970s after a long period of deliberate isolation by the former sultan, investment from oil revenues was spent on infrastructure, education, health care…and fort restoration. This simple fact represented the ongoing commitment to heritage and the way in which history is valued in the present and shapes the course of the future. History in Oman, then, is not something confined to museums: it is alive in the country’s arts and culture.

You will discover, explore and understand real Oman and its spectacular natural beauty, rich culture, traditions, and history. You will travel along the coast admiring the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea and dip into the emerald pools in the oases of palm-lined wadis (valleys). You will cross the breathtaking mountains and spend unforgettable time there in touch with the star-lit sky. You will travel off-road deep into the desert and sleep in a desert camp surrounded by golden sand dunes and Bedouin settlements. You will admire impressive forts, castles and other historic and ancient landmarks and UNESCO sites. You will meander through local souqs (markets) and experience the kaleidoscope of their colours, sounds and fragrances. You will hug frankincense trees and smell the scent of frankincense and Arabian perfumes. You will discover the stylish and cosmopolitan capital of Oman, Muscat. You will feel very safe and welcomed wherever you go or travel. Quintessential Arabia… Oman has got it all!

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Please remember:
Omanis are a nation of very hospitable, welcoming, warm-hearted and respectful people. Also, as our precious guest, you are kindly requested to respect our local culture and customs and follow the conservative dress-code by covering your shoulders and knees.

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Jan–Feb Muscat Festival brings cultural shows and shopping to the capital.

Jul–Aug Salalah Tourism Festival celebrates the rainy season in Dhofar with entertainment and shopping.

Nov–Mar Balmy temperatures herald the high season for tourism.

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Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Swahili, Baluchi

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